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Where is the Love?

kendry point

Entering this year, the departure of Mark Teixeira probably had a decent amount of Angel fans worried.

By Teixeira leaving Anaheim to sign a lucrative contract with the New York Yankees, and Casey Kotchman being shipped to Atlanta in exchange for Teixeira at the trade deadline in 2008, it opened the door for a capable, but unproven Kendry Morales to be tabbed as the Angels’ everyday first baseman.

Questions like, “can our offense possibly get any worse?”, “can we ever recover from Tex leaving us?” and maybe even, “who the heck is this Kendry Morales guy?” arose.

Entering the 2009 season, Morales had played in 127 games over the course of 3 seasons, while posting a .249 batting average to go along with 12 home runs.

Angel fans got a glimpse of what the big switch-hitting Cuban talent could do in Game 4 of last year’s ALDS against the Boston Red Sox when he hit a pinch-hit double off the Green Monster to start of the 9th inning in a 2-2 ballgame (which would end in Erick Aybar botching a suicide squeeze… you know what happens from there).

Kendry picked up where he left off with that at-bat, and has been absolutely scorching the ball throughout the entire 2009 campaign, which brings me to ask the following question, “where is the love?”

At this point, all you hear on TV or read about is “Joe Mauer or Mark Teixeira for the AL MVP? Who will it be?” and that’s it. No Morales. Not a hint that he’s even in the running for the MVP award. Nothing at all.

No disrespect to Joe Mauer, who’s put together an absolutely remarkable season (league-best .367 average and 1.044 OPS marks), and Tex who has definitely put up the numbers that Yankee fans have envisioned him doing (32 home runs, 101 RBI after Sunday’s game).

But what more do you want the guy to do? It’s hard to say that he’s been struggling at any point of this season.

He put together a career-best 20-game hit streak earlier this year. He had a 5-for-5 night a couple games back where he blasted 2 homers and drove in 6 runs. You think that would put him on the map? Nope, still no love for KMo.

Entering Sunday, KMo’s numbers look like this: a .309 batting average, 29 home runs, 91 RBI, 70 runs scored, 34 doubles, a .587 slugging percentage, and on defense (the big question mark regarding his game entering this season) he’s only had 6 errors (.994 fielding percentage).

Let’s stack those numbers up against the rest of the American League entering Sunday’s games.

His .309 batting average ties him for the 21st-best mark in the American League.

His 29 home runs ties him with Justin Morneau of the Twins and Jason Bay of the Red Sox for 5th most in the AL.

His 91 RBI is also 5th most in the AL.

His .939 OPS (on-base + slugging percentages) is the 5th highest in the AL.

His .585 slugging percentage is 2nd best.

His 65 extra-base hits gave him the 2nd most as well.

He’s up near the top for most of the power categories and it’s a shame how all of his accomplishments this year are somehow continuing to go under the radar.

Let’s get real here, Joe Mauer may just be the best player in baseball not named Albert Pujols. Not in a long, long time has a catcher come along and been able to hit like Mauer has in his young career (.326 career average, 2-time AL batting champion)… oh, and he’s only 26 years old. The sky’s the limit for this kid, and the MLB would be stupid to not begin to advertise the kid some more. He’s a player who just plays baseball the way it should be played, has no strings attached, and is easily likeable… that is, unless he’s torching your team that day, but that’s another story. He’s had an unreal year (.367 average, .435 OBP, 25 homers, 79 RBI), but his team isn’t even winning the weakest division in baseball. It just leads to the age-old argument: does it go to the best player on the best team or the league’s best player on a team that may not even make the playoffs?

Mark Teixeira has had an outstanding year following an early season slump that left many Yankee fans restless. Tex is too good of a player to stay down for that long, though, and I think all baseball fans know what kind of player he has been over the past 6 years. Tex leads the AL in RBI with 101, and his 32 home runs ranks 2nd behind Carlos Peña of the Tampa Bay Rays (37 homers). The two-time Gold Glove award winner has been exceptional at 1st base game after game for the Bronx Bombers, no surprise there. But it just seems that picking Teixeira would be the “sexy pick.” Pick the guy with the gaudiest numbers, yeah he deserves it. Not to take away from the season that Tex has been having, but if you were batting behind Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon, with Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui among others hitting behind you, I’d sure hope you’re putting up numbers like that.

It’s almost as if it’s a David vs. Goliath type of situation. The Goliaths in Teixeira and Mauer are dwarfing Morales to the point where he may not even get MVP recognition by the media.

As much as I’m lobbying for Kendry to get his fair share of recognition, I truly don’t believe he’ll win the MVP award. I think Joe Mauer’s 100% got it in the bag. With the type of year he’s been having, I say how can you not vote for him? All I’m asking is that the baseball world gives KMo the respect he deserves for the season he’s been having, it is undoubtedly a season worth recognizing… especially for a guy in his first full year as an everyday player. Even 2006 MVP award-winner Justin Morneau of the Twins deserves some MVP race consideration with the year he’s been having as well.

But, hey baseball writers, all I’m asking is that you throw him a few votes, just a few! Don’t overlook our KMo!

To add to it, while writing this article, Morales hit a 3-run bomb with 2 strikes and 2 outs to put the Angels comfortably ahead 8-1 against the visiting Oakland Athletics. The Halos would go on to win today 9-1. Is that something that we haven’t seen from him this year? Nope, that’s what we’ve seen him do time and time again.

Maybe a little love shown now that he got that 30th home run? Maybe… just maybe.

As I had written back in the beginning of May in “(So Far) the Angels Look Like They Made the Right Moves“, “The future has a lot in store for KMo, and I truly believe that he could become one of the most productive offensive first baseman in the game in only a matter of years…. This kid’s gonna be something special, make no mistake about it.”

I can firmly say that I continue to stand behind those statements nearly 4 months later.

My final question that I’m asking to baseball writers is this: where would the team be if you removed that player from the lineup?

The Yankees would still be winning thanks to having 6 or more All-Stars in their lineup everyday.

The Twins would still not be leading their division.

The Angels would be nowhere near where they are today with the 2nd-best record in baseball.

That’s all I have to say.

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(So Far), the Angels Look Like They Made the Right Moves

kendry moralesIt may be too early to tell at this point, but so far, the Angels kept their most productive 1st baseman that they had, even though he was sitting behind Casey Kotchman and Mark Teixeira for the duration of the season.

As Angel fans remember, the Halos acquired the talented and powerful switch-hitting Mark Teixeira from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for then-Angel 1st baseman Casey Kotchman and a pitcher in Steve Marek. First-year GM Tony Reagins did what Bill Stoneman never did, which was make a big mid-season offensive splash. I thought this was going to be the move that would put the Angels over the top and win a World Championship. As it turns out, the Angels would win 100 games for the 1st time in the franchise’s history, and secure the best overall record in the majors, only to get bounced in the 1st round by the Red Sox… again.

Make no mistake about it, Tex put up great numbers in his breif stay as a Halo, before he bounced for the pinstripes… and a $180 million contract.

In 54 games as an Angel, Teixeira hit .358 (69-193) with 13 home runs, 43 RBI, 14 doubles, 39 runs scored, 32 walks, and 23 strikeouts.

Now let’s compute this out to what those numbers would have looked like if he had played all 162 games with the Angels at that pace.

Teixeira has averaged 569 at-bats in his 6 full MLB seasons, which equates to stats of:

.358 avg./204 hits/38 home runs/127 RBI/41 doubles/115 runs scored/94 walks/68 strikeouts

That’s a damn productive year, a type of year that the Angels hadn’t had outside of Vladimir Guerrero in quite some time.

Casey Kotchman didn’t exactly fare to well in the end of the ’08 season with the Braves.

In 43 games, Kotch hit .237 (36-152) with 2 home runs, 20 RBI, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 18 runs scored, 18 walks, and 16 strikeouts.

If Kotchman had 569 at-bats in a season at that rate, he would’ve put up numbers that look like this:

.237 avg./7 home runs/75 RBI/15 doubles/67 runs scored/67 walks/60 strikeouts

Just a little bit of a difference between Tex and Kotch last year.

But enough about then, let’s focus on the here and now.

Tex has been struggling mightily with the bat since he’s put on the Yankee pinstripes.

Kotchman is hitting for a higher average, but has only driven in 4 runs in 25 games.

And then there’s Kendry Morales, the 25-year-old switch-hitting 1st baseman who the Angels have coveted for years, who finally gets his chance  in ’09 with Kotchman and Teixeira out of town. The Cuban native was nothing but raw talent when the Angels signed him to a 6-year deal back on December 1st of 2005. Morales had many troubles getting out of the Dominican Republic initially, facing problems with needing a passport to gain citizenship after deferring to the Dominican Republic back in August of ’05. After developing his game and waiting in the wings for his chance to come, when Mark Teixeira signed that fat old 9-year, $180 million contract with the Yankees, Morales was instantly pinned as the Opening Day starter at 1st base. After a decently slow start, Morales has picked it up since and has been rolling of late.

Here’s a little side-by-side comparison of what the 3 1st baseman have done so far this year entering today:

Kotchman (25 games)- .289 avg./.366 OBP/.398 SLG/0 HR/4 RBI/9 2B/0 3B/9 XBH/8 runs/9 BB/9 K

Teixeira (22 games)- .182 avg./.354 OBP/.338 SLG/3 HR/10 RBI/3 2B/0 3B/6 XBH/12 runs/19 BB/13 K

Morales (22 games)- .280 avg./.330 OBP/.537 SLG/4 HR/ 16 RBI/7 2B/1 3B/12 XBH/13 runs/6 BB/18 K

Kotchman is the top man in 4 categories (batting average, on-base perecentage, doubles, and fewest strikeouts).

Teixeira is tops in terms of walks.

Morales has the best stats in the other 6 categories (slugging percentage, home runs, runs batted in, triples, extra-base hits, and runs).

The Angels took a few steps back in terms of defensive production they’re getting out of their 1st baseman, considering the fact that Teixeira was a 2-time Gold Glover back in ’05 and ’06 with the Rangers, and Kotchman is currently one of the soundest defensive 1st basemen in all of the MLB. Morales’ biggest weakness is no doubt his defense. He only has 1 error on the year, whereas Kotchman and Teixeira are yet to make an error, but what you can’t point out is the amount of potential extra-base hits that Kotch and Tex are knocking down and turning in to outs that Morales just doesn’t have the ability to do.

On the bright side, there’s no doubt that he’s been the superior offensive player compared to the other two. He has more home runs and RBI than Kotchman and Teixeira have combined.

Morales is the youngest of the three at the ripe age of 25, and has an incredibly high ceiling in terms of potential to be reached. You are hard-pressed to find switch-hitters who hit for power consistently, and Morales has the capability to become Mark Teixeira-esque, but without as good of an eye at the plate. Morales is a free-swinger, which is what the Angels lineup is full of.

If Morales can be a productive #6 hitter, with guys like Howie Kendrick, Bobby Abreu, Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter hitting 2-3-4-5 in front of him (when all are healthy), he’ll have plenty of RBI opportunities.

The future has a lot in store for KMo, and I truly believe that he could become one of the most productive offensive first baseman in the game in only a matter of years.

So far in the early goings of this 2009 season, hats off to Tony Reagins and company; they picked the most productive and least expensive player of the 3 to be their everyday 1st baseman: Kendry Morales.

Not to mention the fact that they are saving about $19 million dollars this year alone in comparison of Teixeira’s ’09 salary and Morales’ 2009 salary.

Keep it up, Kendry, don’t make me and the whole Halo front office for that matter, look stupid for thinking that they made the right choice, both present and long-term.

This kid’s gonna be something special, make no mistake about it.

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